About Derek


When Ironman Coeur d’Alene came to Derek’s hometown, triathlon was the furthest thing from his mind. After watching the race, Derek got the crazy idea that he could finish one, even though he had never ran more than 3 miles and didn’t know how to swim! After a few years as an age grouper, Derek took the leap to turn professional. Shortly after, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Despite this early setback he became more determined then ever to become a successful professional triathlete. Derek now has a successful coaching business and is pursuing his goals in every aspect of his life. Derek knows that without the amazing support of mentors, teachers, friends, and the amazing triathlon community, he could not be where he is today. He has 3 beautiful boys, and resides Coeur d’Alene Idaho, but you will most likely find him on or in roads, rivers, lakes, and trails all over the beautiful Northwest.

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